Title: Solutions for light pollution from console displays on naval platforms
Approval Date:  Nov. 21

Summary : Operators on naval vessels are required to rapidly adapt to several different image displays in quick succession while carrying out their duties, at different times of the day and under different light levels. This project aims to improve human-machine interfaces on Australian naval vessels by developing a console solution to limit the negative impact on operators from light pollution.

Related roadmap thrusts and axis

– Thrust 1: Enhance the on-line understanding of humans within the hybrid team

    • Axis 1.1 (Capture of Human Physiological, Cognitive Performance and Emotional State)
    • Axis 1.3 (Human Activity, Capability and Performance Understanding)

Project Members

Name Organisation Role
Prof. Anna Ma-Wyatt The University of Adelaide HF, Attention, Psychology
Prof. Siobhan Banks UniSA HF, Fatigue, Psychology
Scott Begbie APC Technology Industrial Advisor
Heidi Long The University of Adelaide Postdoctoral Fellow
Crystal Yates UniSA Postdoctoral Fellow

Project Funding 

  • Defence Innovation Partnership

Start / Duration 

  • June 21-May 22