Title: Perceiving distant collaborative activity with mixed-reality
Approval Date:  Jan. 21


Research objectives:

  • Enhance cooperation paradigms for users acting in different workplaces and relying on Mixed Reality (MR) approaches.
  • 3 main challenges:
    1. Proposing the adequate visual metaphors of team members states for mutual and global assessment of system state.
    2. Understanding of the current operator activities and states from passive monitoring of their actions and behaviors.
    3. Proposing the adapted display related to guidance and explanations to bring back the team to an optimized organization and task sharing.

Related roadmap thrusts and axis

– Thrust 3:  New Paradigms for Autonomous Agents/Human Interaction and Understanding

    • Axis 3.3: New Interaction Frameworks and Technologies to Facilitate Cooperation within a Hybrid System

Project Members

Name Organisation  Role
M.Thomas Rinnert CNRS PhD Student
Prof. Thierry Duval IMT Atlantique Primary PhD Supervisor
Prof. Bruce Thomas University of South Australia Primary PhD Supervisor
Primary PhD Supervisor IMT Atlantique  Secondary PhD Supervisor

Project Funding 

  • CNRS

Start / Duration 

  •  Oct. 2019, 3 years