Title:  Human-Robot Interaction: Detect User Implicit Need of Help and Generate a Set of Assistive Actions

Approval Date:  sept 2021

Summary : Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) is an emerging subfield of service robotics. While most existing approaches rely on explicit signals (i.e. voice, gesture) to engage, current literature is lacking solutions to address implicit user needs. In this PhD, we will work on an architecture to (a) detect user implicit need of help and (b) generate a set of assistive actions without prior learning.

Related roadmap thrusts and axis

– Thrust 3 :  New Paradigms for Autonomous Agents/Human Interaction and Understanding

    • Axis 3.1 Intelligent and Interactive Autonomous Agents

– Thrust 2: New Algorithms for Energy-Efficient and Human Based AI

    • Axis 2.1 Cross Learning Between Humans and Machines

Project Members

Name Organisation Role
Cedric BUCHE CNRS, ENIB Supervisor
Anne-Gwenn BOSSER ENIB Supervisor
Paulo SANTOS Flinders University Supervisor
Maelic NEAU ENIB / Flinders University PhD student

Project Funding 

  • Flinders University
  • ENIB

Start / Duration 

  • Oct 2021 / 3 years