Jean-Philippe DIGUET

Research interests

  • Embedded Systems (hardware/software/applications co-optimization)
  • Advanced (in-memory, hybrid NoC, reconfigurable) System On Chip dedicated to application domains (Image, Neuromorphic, ...)
  • Embedded Intelligence: Self-Adaptive Systems (Energy/QoS-based reconfiguration), Autonomous Systems (online decision making)
  • Distributed Embedded systems
  • Publications


  • 2005, Research Supervision Degree (HDR), UBS University, Lorient, France
  • 1996, PhD University of Rennes I, High Level Synthesis, VLSI, Signal and Image Processing.
  • 1993, Master Degree, DEA STIR, University of Rennes I, Signal, Telecommunications, Image. 
  • 1992, Electrical / Computer Science Engineer Degree, ESEO, Angers
  • Professional Background

  • Jan. 2021, Head of CNRS IRL CROSSING (FrenCh-AustRalian LabOratory for HumanS / AutonomouS Agents TeamING).
  • Sep. 20, Adjunct Prof. at the School of Computer Science of the University of Adelaide.
  • Mai. 2019, Invited professor, University of Tohoku, Japan.
  • May. 2018/ July 20, Head of team SHAKER.
  • Jan. 2018/ Dec. 20, Head of Transversal program, Systems of Drones at Lab-STICC.
  • Oct/Nov. 2016, Invited Professor at USP University, Saġ Carlos, Brazil.
  • Nov. 2014, Invited Professor at Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan.
  • 2012/16, Head of MOCS team (50 staff, CNRS, UBS, UBO, TB).
  • 2011, Head of the CACS department at Lab-STICC (62 staff),
  • 2010, Visiting researcher at the University of Queensland (Australia)
  • 2008/12, Head of MOCS team (21 staff) at Lab-STICC, UMR CNRS, Lorient/Brest.
  • 2004, CNRS researcher.
  • 2001, Anvar emergence prize and co-foundation of SME Dixip in 2003, wireless embedded systems.
  • 1998/2002, Associate Professor at UBS University, Lorient, France.
  • 1997, Postdoc at IMEC (Leuven, Belgium), Memory Hierarchy, Low Power Design.1996, PhD University of Rennes I, High Level Synthesis, VLSI, Signal and Image Processing.
  • Projects (partial)

  • EPICURE : Design space exploration for reconfigurable SoC (RNTL 2001-2003) complete
  • DT Design Trotter CAD framework:  HW/SW design space exploration, Design Effort Estimation
  • RTDT CAD framework: Real Time Hardware Software codesign
  • A3S : UML Framework for PIM and PSM Verification of Software Defined Radio Systems (RNRT 2002/06) complete
  • uSpider CAD framework:  Ad hoc NOC design and configuration complete
  • RaaR :  Environment-conscious self-configurable HW/SW/RTOS embedded systems (FNS 2004/07) complete
  • ICTER : Security Management in the context of reconfigurable architectures (ANR 2006/08) complete
  • AETHER : Self-Adaptive Networked Entities (European IST FET project 2006/2009)  joint CNRS team with LEAT cf presse release  complete
  • Ambiant Computing for disabled people (Bretagne regional council) complete
  • SPICES, ITEA project, AADL modelling and CCM approaches, System-Level Power Estimation, (ITEA 2006/09)  complete
  • Companym@ges, networked & self-adaptive embedded systems, (Images & Network Cluster 2007/2009)  complete
  • AFANA: Application aware NoC design, (ANR 2007 ...)  complete
  • FAMOUS: Model-Based Design Flow for Reconfigurable Embedded Systems, (ANR 2009/2013)  complete
  • COMPA: ANR, Model Oriented Design of Embedded and Adaptive Multiprocessor, (ANR 2012/2015)  complete
  • BoWI: Body Area Network, Low Power Nodes, Gesture/Motion Recognition (LABEX CominLabs, 2013/2016) and Real-Life applications in : BoWI
  • BpM  (LABEX CominLabs, 2017/2018) complete
  • SWARMS: CNRS PICS project with ARCCA / QUT (Brisbane, Australia) on Reconfigurable Computing in UAVs (20) complete
  • MARNAA: Augmented Reality for Sailing/Boating Assistance (SATT, Valorisation, 2015/16)  complete
  • HPeC: High Performance embedded Computing, UAV Case study (ANR 2015/2019)  complete
  • BBC: on-chip wireless Broadcast-Based parallel Computing (cominLabs) complete
  • SEANATIC (SEA aNAlyTIc Connected boat) ongoing
  • ODESSA (Marine Object Classification with embedded smartcams) ongoing.
  • Sep. 20, Adjunct Prof. at the School of Computer Science of the University of Adelaide.
  • PhD Students

  • Yannick Lemoullec [99/03]: System Level Metrics and Design Space Exploration (Design Trotter)
  • Abdenour Azzedine [00/04] : Real-Time Hardware Sofware Codesign (RTDT)
  • Belgacem Bouallegue [01/05]: MPEG / Network Interface for QoS management (1)
  • Nader Ben Amor [01/05] : Multimedia Architecture Exploration & auto-adaptation simulator  (2)
  • Samuel Evain [02/06]: uSpider NOC CAD tool
  • Yvan Eustache [04/08]: Self-adaptive and regulated HW/SW/RTOS systems
  • Romain Vaslin [05/08]: (with G.Gogniat) Embeded System Security (3)
  • Saadia Dhouib [06/09]: System Level Power Estimation, AADL, MDA approaches (with E.Senn)
  • Rachid Dafali [07/may 11]: Application-aware NoC design tool (uSpider II) and run-time reconfiguration
  • Rasmus Abildgren [06/10] (with Y.Le Moullec): Estimation of design based on DSE methods (4)
  • Thi Bich Thanh Truong [07/ dec. 10] (with F.De Lamotte) : Intelligent environment and ambient services.
  • Linfeng Ye [07/may 11]: Multiprocessor self-adaptive reconfigurable architectures.
  • Youenn Corre [09/12] with L.Lagadec (4): High Level Synthesis for Heterogeneous MPSoC
  • Celine Azar [09/12] with S.Chevobbe and Y.Luillier (6): On-chip distributed computing for embedded systems
  • Nader Khammassi [10/13] : (CIFRE Thales, main supervisor: J-C Le Lann) Experimental Multi-scale Parallelization (7)
  • Ronan Douguet [10/13] (with J.Laurent): CIFRE, Groupama Sailing Team, sailing boat monitoring.
  • Tarek Frikha [11/14] (with M. Abid): Methodologie de conception des systemes adaptatifs multi- contraintes multimeedia (2)
  • J-C Morgere [11/14] (with J.Laurent): Low Power, Low Footprint, Wireless Embedded System for Mobile Augmented Reality.
  • Thanh Ngo [12/15] (with K.Martin): Dynamic Mapping and Scheduling of Dataflow Video Applications on Heterogeneous Multiprocessor Architectures (COMPA, Project).
  • Alexis Aulery, [12/16] with O.Sentieys (9): Body Area Network Node Design for gesture/motion recognition, CominLABS BoWI project.
  • Pierre Kancir, [14/18]: UV SWARM: Design Space Exploration and Simulation, CIFRE, R&DTech.
  • Chahba Hireche, [15/19] with C. Dezan (5) and S. Mocanu (a) : study and implementation of a probabilistic approach for mission management of autonomous UAV, HPEC project.
  • Rodrigo Cadore Cataldo, [16/19] ( with K. Martin and C. Marcon (b) : Smart Network Interfaces.
  • Mourad Driddi [15/19] (Supervisors : F. Singhoff and S. Rubini (5), RTOS and NoC, Co-analysis and management of Processing and Communications tasks.
  • Arwa Khannoussi [16/19] with C. Dezan (5) and P. Meyer (c), Embedded System Design for Automatic Online Learning Methods, funded by LATERAL, joint Lab-STICC/Thales Lab (d).
  • Paul Gautier [17/21], Distributing computing over a swarm of drones, USV case study
  • Julien Mazuet [18,21], QoS-based self-Adaptive architectures for Embedded Radar applications.
  • Alemeh Gasemi,  [18/21] (with K. Martin), Notifying Memories for Dataflow on Manycore architectures.
  • in cooperation with:
    c: IMT Atlantique, Brest, France
    b : PUCRS, Porto Allegre.
    a : INP / Gipsa-Lab, Grenoble, France
    9 : IRISA/INRIA, Lannion.
    1 :  Monastir Univ., Tunisia
    2 : ENIS,  Sfax, Tunisia.
    4 : Aalborg University, Denmark
    3 : UMASS, Amherst USA
    5 : UBO, Brest, France
    6 : CEA / LIST, Saclay, France
    7 : Thales (Brest), ENSTA Bretagne
    d : Thales LAS-France